The DapeCon Team

Forward thinking and innovation driven, the DapeCon team brings a unique skill set to the intermodal industry. Together, we possess a wealth of hands-on experience in international logistics, warehousing-distribution and intermodal trucking. We also have in-depth knowledge about developing information technology and building process management systems for large-scale businesses. Combining this expertise enables DapeCon to offer clients unparalleled haulage services that are accessible, reliable and affordable.

As recognized leaders in the ocean container trucking industry for more than 25 years, we have fostered an extensive network of partnerships along the East Coast and cultivated strong connections with ports and terminals throughout the nation.

From our friendly customer service staff to our skilled logistics specialists to our trustworthy truck drivers, each member of the DapeCon team has been handpicked and personally trained by our three founding partners. Throughout their careers, Leonardo, Eugene and David’s pathways have crossed numerous times, giving them ample opportunities to forge a strong partnership built on trust, mutual respect and a shared vision for the future of intermodal trucking.

Leonardo Cancela
Leonardo is a transportation logistics wizard. With more than 25+ years in the intermodal and commercial freight trucking industry, Leonardo has worked his way up through the trade
Eugene Karp
IT Partner

Eugene Karp

Armed with more than 20+ years of hands-on experience in the information technology and transportation logistics sectors, Eugene is the mastermind behind DapeCon’s technology focused operations
David Dvinov
Managing Director

David Dvinov

David is our strategic planning and client relations guru. His prior 12+ years working in the international freight industry has prepared him to seamlessly handle any size cargo
DapeCon Drivers

DapeCon Drivers

DapeCon is fortunate to have a dedicated workforce of highly professional drivers. We hire in-house drivers as well as independent contractor drivers who are enthusiastic about their jobs To learn how DapeCon’s fresh approach can solve your transportation logistics challenges, contact our dedicated dray specialists.


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