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Intermodal Transportation

For centuries, the transportation logistics industry has relied upon dray services to carry cargo from one mode of transportation to another. The earliest version of this intermediary courier was a flat cart towed by dray horses, which traveled the waterfront transferring goods between ships. As the industry blossomed, delivery services expanded from the marine ports to canals, rail yards, warehouses and air terminals.maximus odio.

Modern dray trucks serve the same purpose, providing short-haul connections between major modes of transportation. Today, an intermodal truck might meet an ocean freighter delivering goods at the port. The inbound containers are loaded onto the truck, which then delivers the cargo to a train that is destined for another location further inland. Clients may also opt to have the containerized cargo delivered to their final destination, such as a warehouse, plant or storage facility.

The Atlantic’s CityLab reports that 90 percent of the world’s freight is shipped by sea. Intermodal allows you to take advantage of the most affordable options for transporting your cargo by providing a smooth transition from one carrier to another. Whether you are shipping merchandise, food, hazmat materials or fuel, intermodal freight transport offers several key benefits [link] for moving containerized cargo short distances. DapeCon can help you create a plan that increases productivity, improves reliability and produces a predictable budget.

There is a common misperception that intermodal’s pit stops slow down the shipping process. It is actually easier to transfer containers from an ocean freighter to a dray truck using a ship-to-shore crane, which speeds up the process and increases productivity. Although intermodal can lag behind long-haul trucking, there are often significant cost savings and environmental benefits that make up for the slight time difference. The intermodal infrastructure has significantly expanded during the past five years, and the limited availability of over-the-road (OTR) drivers can make intermodal faster in some cases. A DapeCon shipping specialist can work with your logistics staff to create a customized schedule that factors in the extra transit time.

Although there are more moving parts in intermodal shipping, DapeCon serves as your logistics coordinator. We arrange dray services between freight carriers, dispatch trucks for delivery and track your shipment using our industry-leading technology. We even provide single-source accounting all on one bill of lading. You will never have to worry about your materials changing hands because we handle all the details.

Absolutely! Intermodal shipping is the most eco-efficient method for transporting containerized cargo. It outperforms traditional OTR trucking in nearly every category. Combining ship-dray-rail pays off big time in the savings of billions of gallons of fuel, significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions, less traffic congestion and safer transport of hazardous materials. Learn more about how DapeCon and the intermodal industry are serving as environmental stewards without sacrificing efficiency and affordability.

There is less risk for damage, loss and theft with intermodal service since there is absolutely no handling of the actual product. Ocean containers are directly transferred from ships to dray trucks to rail lines or storage warehouses. Additionally, long-haul trucking is involved in more accidents each year, which has significant implications when transporting hazardous and time-sensitive materials. Dray drivers proceed through several security checkpoints to ensure that containers are properly loaded and cleared for pickup.


DapeCon Logistics Management

DapeCon drivers are available to meet port and rail deliveries during regular terminal hours and at the client’s convenience.

With headquarters based in New Jersey, DapeCon receives cargo from container ports in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Our trucks drop off shipments from Buffalo, New York, to Chicago, Illinois.

As a premier dray provider, DapeCon owns and runs its own fleet of trucks and has a dedicated container fleet, ready access to terminal operations and solid relationships with shippers. Having this equipment and resources on-hand allows us to reduce the rates customers often pay for leasing fees. It also speeds up the transfer procedure, resulting in faster shipments and a stable supp

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